Structural Design and Inspections

Our company provides structural engineering services for new commercial and residential projects. We also provide inspection services on existing structures often involving engineered designs to repair or renovate. All retrofits must adhere to the National Building Code of Canada (NBC).

Foundation Design

As required by the NBC all new commercial and unusual residential foundations are required to be completed by a certified engineer licensed in the province of construction. Our office provides foundation designs including the following:

  • Screw piles
  • Concrete piles
  • Frost wall with footings
  • Raft foundations
  • PWF (preserved wood foundation designs) residential projects

Steel Design and Unique Structures

Working closely with steel fabricating shops allows us to create a variety of parts and equipment used in the oil and gas sector as well as within the agricultural community.

Building Code Analysis and Energy Modelling

Each project must comply with the NBC whether it falls under Part 3 or Part 9 of the building code. The NBC is in place to ensure construction is completed correctly and safely.

Code reviews evaluate areas of construction including but not limited to:

  • Building setbacks to property lines and existing structures
  • Exit distances and quantities
  • Fire separations and wall assemblies
  • Barrier free requirements

Energy modelling of a structure is required to ensure the least amount of energy is wasted during standard building operating times.

Our office will provide the required analyses to ensure that each project complies with all areas of the building code.